Huge Bass Caught On Video

Could Be Biggest Bass Caught On Video


This 19.3 pound Huge Bass Caught On Video could be the biggest ever that was recorded on video while being caught according to and Morgan Williams who uploaded the video to YouTube in 2009. Watch the video below and take notice how it covers from the cast to the landing. Also notice how at the moment he nets this giant, it throws out the bait. If he hadn’t been quick with the net it would have been lost and just another Big Fish story to tell his friends about. If I had lost a fish like that it would have turned me into an alcoholic sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

The man who caught this Bass is Butch Brown, and according to, Butch is “A noted swimbait expert” and “has caught more than 1,600 bass weighing in excess of 10 pounds with many of his catches being fully documented on video”.  This Bass was caught using a Huddleston Deluxe swimbait, a big swimbait you can see at the end of the video. Once again, we are seeing huge Bass being caught on huge swimbaits. You may not get as many strikes using these huge swimbaits, but when you do it will be something really worth bragging about. Good luck, and Tight Lines!

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