Monster Fish With Human-Like Teeth Caught In Arizona

Fish with Human-Like Teeth

Just looking inside the mouth of this fish is really creepy. The teeth it has could almost pass for a set of dentures for a person to wear. One of these fish was caught January 12, 2018 at Tuscon Arizona’s Silverbell lake. This Monster Fish with Human-like Teeth is actually a Pacu that is native to South America. Here is the story below.

A local fisherman captured a fish he didn’t expect to find in Tucson’s Silverbell Lake and believed it was a piranha.

Jeff Evans, who has visited the north side fishing site for seven years, said he caught the three-pound fish on Friday.

“I could see them, there were about five or six of them and I lost it the first time I hooked it, it broke the hook,” Evans said.

The Pacu, as mentioned above, is native to South America but has become a favorite of people all over the world as a pet. Sometimes the aquarist that owns one will have it outgrow the aquarium or they can not care for the fish for other unknown reasons and will release them into a local lake or river. This is actually illegal in many places and should never be done. Acts like this can have devastating consequences to the native fish and vegetation. These fish are not known to be aggressive towards people, but there are reports of the fish biting people. As pets, they have been known to be very gentle. As the story above reports though, the Pacu caught in Arizona did try to bite the fisherman that caught it. The pacu is typically vegetarian, but when hungry will eat other fish and crustaceans. Though we call the Pacu a Monster Fish with Human-Like Teeth, it isn’t really a monster. It can be dangerous though, but mostly to the native fish population in a number of ways. So if you ever own one of these fish or any other non-native species, please do not release them into the wild. You would be doing much more damage than the good you would feel from saving one animal. Take it back to the place of purchase and donate it back. They will know exactly what should and can be done with a non-native fish or any other type of animal.

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