How to fish a plastic worm

How to Texas Rig a Plastic Worm

how to fish a plastic worm

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It really is easy, so starting with the hard part seems appropriate. The hard part in this case is also the first thing you need to do and that is how to rig your plastic worm. We will examine the Texas rig since it is my personal favorite. The video below is not even 3 minutes long and demonstrates how to Texas Rig a plastic worm as good as you are going to find anywhere. I like the Texas rig for a number of reasons, but mainly due to its weedless properties. It is very rare that I have ever been hung-up on anything with the Texas Rigged plastic worm.

How to Fish a Plastic Worm

If the hard part is rigging the worm, that must make this the easy part. There are several ways to fish a plastic worm, and they all work pretty well. The key is knowing what is right for your conditions at the time you are fishing if you want to maximize your catch. The folks over at FishHound on YouTube explain it great. We like them so much, you may see a few more of their videos on this website.

What Color Should You Use

Color plays a very important part of Bass Fishing, sadly it is something that can change from day to day. Sticking with a few basic rules of what color to use and when, you will certainly see an increase in the amount of fish you catch compared to not taking color into consideration at all.

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