Should We Stay Even If The Fishing Has Been Slow




Making a tough decision

The excerpt from the article quoted below covers some great reasons to stay and some great reasons to leave when you find yourself fishing the same spot for hours, but still have not caught anything.

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

So, youve arrived at your first spot at the beginning of a long-anticipated fishing trip. You know theyre there, and your confidence is high.

A half hour passes – you havent put a fish in the boat.

An hour passes – still nothing.

Two hours – are you still confident?

Three hours – dont tell me youre still there?

These types of scenarios are all too common for anglers, whether youre in a tournament or just out to catch some dinner.

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A Couple More Reasons To Stay

We would also consider what time of day it is at the moment you consider moving. A good reason to stay would be if, after fishing a few hours in one spot, you are approaching a prime fishing time for that body of water. It’s always a pretty safe bet that fishing just before, during, and after sunrise or sunset the fishing will pick up and get better.

How much time do you have left fishing? If you have much time left, you may as well just finish up right where you are. By the time you get everything packed, put-away, and straightened, out you probably won’t have any quality time left to fish. 

More Reasons to Go

If you love catching fish, then just go! If you are not catching them where you are at, then go to where they are!! That was really a no-brainer. I wouldn’t give anyplace more than about an hour if I am still-fishing.

The most important reason to go is to catch some Bass. You are not going to be catching very many Bass if you are just sitting in one spot. You need a Bass Boat with a trolling motor and a good battery if you want to catch Bass regularly. Make a few casts at each spot and move along. You will cover lots more water like that and find many more Bass.

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