What Are The 10 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the U.S.?

Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes in the United States

Lake Saint Clair and Lake Erie
Nuber 1 and number 10 on the list.

Trying to figure out the absolute 10 best Bass Fishing lakes in the United States can be a daunting task. The one thing I can say with some real certainty is there will be some disagreement about these lists. Being a native Michigander, the most impressive aspect of the first list that really jumps out is there are two Michigan lakes that made this list. At number 1 on the list is Lake Saint Clair, a lake we have fished for many years, and then to round out the list at number 10 we see Lake Erie/Detroit River (another often fished water for us). Although we did not create the first or second list, we have no grievances at the top or bottom positions on the first list. The third, or last list below is what we came up with.

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Number 1 and number 10 on the list.

The following excerpt and top 10 list from Salt Armour website from the article titled and found here:


Anglers simply love bass, some even refer to bass as Americas sweethearts of the freshwater universe. In Salt Armours Hot 10 this week, weve decided to feature 10 of the most popular bass lakes in the U.S.:

1. Lake St. Clair, Michigan
2. Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
3. Falcon Lake, Texas
4. Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas and Missouri
5. Clear Lake, California
6. Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas
7. Lake Guntersville, Alabama
8. Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Florida
9. Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
10. Lake Erie and the Detroit River, Michigan

Below is a list of the top 10 out of 100 shown in a slideshow on Bassmasters.com. They start the slideshow at number 100 and work their way down to number 1 by clicking the arrow on the side of the slideshow. The post name & slideshow can be found on the link below:

Bassmaster’s Best Bass Lakes of 2015

  1. Toledo Bend, Texas/Louisiana
  2. Sturgeon Bay (Lake Michigan), Wisconsin
  3. Lake St. Clair, Michigan
  4. California Delta, California
  5. Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas
  6. Lake Guntersville, Alabama
  7. Green Bay (Lake Michigan), Wisconsin
  8. Thousand Islands (St. Lawrence River), New York
  9. Clear Lake, California
  10. Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota

As you can see, there is a pretty big difference in the 2 top 10 lists cited above. We like both lists, it’s hard to argue one over the other. But we will come up with our own top 10 list to make sure everybody has a chance at being either confused, mad, happy, or just plain don’t care!

Our list is based on personal experience, wishful thinking and fantasy.  Here goes:

Bass Fishing Forever’s Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes

  1. Lake Saint Clair, Michigan
  2. Lake Okeechobee, Florida
  3. Toledo Bend, Texas/Louisiana
  4. Lake Conroe, Texas
  5. Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi
  6. Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee/Kentucky
  7. High Rock Lake, North Carolina
  8. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
  9. Chautauqua Lake, New York
  10. Choke Canyon Reservoir, Texas

Well, there you have it! 3 different lists and 3 totally different assessments. Give us your thoughts below in the comments.

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