Hollow Body Frog Fishing for Bass

Hollow Body Frogs

Bass eating Frog
Largemouth bass. Micropterus dolomieui.

Hollow Body Frog Fishing for Bass can be some of the most exciting Bass fishing anywhere. By providing some of the best top-water explosions, hollow body frogs are considered by many to be one of the top choices for top-water action.

Just watch and see why below, with more after:

What color to use

Hollow Body Frog Fishing requires knowing what color to use to be the most effective and maximize your strikes. Below is a great short video on that subject from wired2fish.

How to fish Hollow Body Frogs

We will post a few videos below showing how to fish for Bass using the Hollow Body Frog. The first will show fishing in tall grass. There are many ways to fish for Bass using the Hollow Body Frog, by the end of this post you can see some of the most popular methods being used.

Here is more on how to fish frogs from Pro Scott Martin with lots of good advice

Below watch how well the LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog in this short video. Hint, he catches a monster!


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