Tips On Video – How To Fish Plastic Worms

Fishing Plastics For Bass

how to fish plastic wormsLearning how to fish plastic worms other plastic creature baits is actually very easy. The most difficult part of learning this is figuring out how to rig it. There are a number of ways to do this like the Carolina rig, Texas Rig, Dropshot rig and even the Wacky rig which is gaining popularity every year. My personal favorite is the Texas rig. I feel like it is the most versatile and is really easy to learn. Some situation might be better suited for a different way, but I find myself falling back to the Texas rig more often than any other. Plastic worms and other plastic creature baits are very affordable and I am willing to bet they are responsible for catching more Bass than any other type of artificial bait over the years. The videos below will cover all the different types of rigs with great advice on when and why to use them. We hope you will enjoy these videos and we will be adding to them in the future, so you may want to bookmarks this page to make it easy to come back and see what has been added or to finish watching the videos you missed.

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