Interesting-Two Texas-Rig “Tricks” Used By The Pros

Texas Rig Tricks

Everybody has their own way of doing things, and we just found a couple more at another great Bass Fishing website quoted below showing some Texas rig tricks:

2 New Texas Rig Tricks

There have probably

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Should We Stay Even If The Fishing Has Been Slow




Making a tough decision

The excerpt from the article quoted below covers some great reasons to stay and some great reasons to leave when you find yourself fishing the same spot for hours, but still have not … Read the rest

What Are The 10 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the U.S.?

Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes in the United States

Lake Saint Clair and Lake Erie
Nuber 1 and number 10 on the list.

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Should you tie direct, use a snap, a swivel, or both?

Figuring out which way to tie it

The video below will go over all the reasons why you should, or should not, use the direct tie method or a snap or even a snapswivel. If you have ever been confused … Read the rest

Here Is How Crankbaits Can Catch You Some Bass

Early Season Crankbaits

3 Great Videos Below

In the first video below Kevin VanDam talks about how he uses crankbaits in the early part of Bass Fishing season with great success. He has some great advice here, as you may … Read the rest